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Venerable NANDA

Venerable, E. Nanda (Bhante E, Nanda) is currently the spiritual adviser and chief monk of the Kentucky Meditation Compassionate Peace Center & Buddhist Vihara. He became a monk at age 9 and received his high ordination in his home country of Sri Lanka, then continued his monastic education and training in Sri Lanka and in abroad. He has earned master's degrees in Buddhist Philosophy, Pali & Sanskrit from different universities in Sri Lanka,  He completed training in different Buddhist meditation traditions gaining certification, diplomas, experiences in Buddhist Psychology and Spiritual Therapy, Counseling, Yoga, and healing in different countries.  

He has 35 years of experience as a Buddhist monk and meditation teacher. Following the Buddha’ advice to monks to work for the benefit and welfare of many he was called to go out and travel the world helping people in their personal growth and spiritual development. He is a committed peace activist and social service coordinator doing compassionate works for helping those who need help in the Louisville area, and other cities around the world. He speaks English fluently and explains the Dhamma in simple, accessible and interesting ways.