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Gift Economy

What is Gift Economics?

As an organization, WHMC follows a gift economy, a generosity-based model of operation. We believe that everyone has an inherent capacity for generosity, and that together we can “co-create a welcoming and thriving spiritual community based in the transformative values of abundance, trust, and connection, rather than scarcity, fear, and separation” (East Bay Meditation Center)

There are no set fees or dues for our events, and WHMC receives very little outside funding. We rely on the mutual support within our community expressed in many forms, as people offer their resources, time, and skills to WHMC, according to their ability. The system of Dana (‘generous giving’) has been the cornerstone of keeping Buddhist communities intact for over 2,500 years. The practice of generosity invites us to participate in a world where the expression of gratitude and generosity help to keep the wheel of the Dharma turning.


While financial support is often our most pressing demand, there are many other valuable ways to offer a gift at WHMC:


We rely on the direct service of many community members to maintain our day-to-day operations. If you’d like to be added to the volunteer list, please reach out via email and let us know. Click HERE to contact us via email & see how you can get involved in service at the center.



Many of our members contribute toiletries, office supplies, tea, and other important material and supplies at the center. If you can make a contribution of materials or supplies, please click HERE to let us know.



From time to time, we will update our wish list, which are big ticket items that we’d love to have but are unable to purchase. Click HERE for our wish list.