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It is required that prospective participants talk to Mara before signing up for the group to ensure that the structure of the group meets their particular needs.

Group Text: “Bearing the Unbearable: Love, Loss and the Heartbreaking Path of Grief” by Joanne Cacciatore

The loss of a loved one, whether it is sudden or expected, is often devastating. Our culture doesn’t offer many opportunities to experience the most authentic feelings of grief without platitudes in a community setting. This inability to fully express our deepest feelings can inhibit our ability to process our emotions, which in turn can limit our ability to use this human experience to connect with others and feel a sense of shared humanity. This group offers each member if they feel comfortable, a place to share their unique story of loss. Each week a group member will pick one of the short chapters from the book “Bearing the Unbearable” to discuss. The member will also tell their grief story and how the reading resonates with their experience. These chapters allow the group to share some of the universal challenges we all face, such as dealing with family, ourselves, and our feelings about our lost one.

Mara Giovanni MSW is a facilitator at Wild Heart Meditation Center and lost her son to suicide in 2017. She facilitated this group earlier in the year and found that the connections made in the group were a profound source of healing to those who participated. This will be a group of up to 8 participants committed to attending most meetings.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Mara.

Once approved, please register using PayPal here. As usual, all programming offered by Wild Heart Meditation Center is based solely on donations. By donating, you help ensure programming continues to be provided. No one will ever be turned away for lack of funds. Due to this we ask those who are able to donate more, please do so to help provide for those who are not able. Consider the value of 8 weeks of grief support, connections and relationships with those who understand and donate accordingly. You may select one of the provided donation amounts or set your own.

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