Dave Smith

If you trace Wild Heart all the way back to its roots, you’ll find Dave Smith. In 2010, Dave started a once-a-week “Introduction to Meditation” group at the 12th South Dharma Center in Nashville, TN. For the first several months, Dave would often show up to the group with no participants, put rent in the dropbox, and then go home. It is because of his confidence in the transformative power of the Dharma that he continued to show up, week after week, until a small Sangha began to form. That Sangha grew into a robust Buddhist community in Nashville. We are forever grateful to Dave and his steadfast commitment to our community. He has planted many seeds and has spent countless hours tending to the field, and it is because of his initial steps that we enjoy today’s fruit, Wild Heart Meditation Center.

Dave Smith has since moved to Paonia, CO and lives with his family. Dave teaches retreats and continues to offer workshops and events through his organization, “Secular Dharma Foundation”.