Copy of Andrew Chapman - Co-Director and Guiding Teacher


Andrew is currently the guiding teacher and co-director at Wild Heart Meditation Center in Nashville. Andrew and also facilitates weekly meditation groups, monthly workshops, and intensive study courses.

Over the past several years, Andrew has worked one-on-one with Rebel Saint Dharma teacher, Dave Smith, to deepen his personal mindfulness practice and develop greater competency as a group facilitator. Andrew has also spent several months in meditative training on silent retreat practice, including extensive month-long training in both the Thai Forest (via Ajahn Sucitto) & Burmese (via Panditarama Forest Meditation Center in Myanmar) methods of practice. In the Spring of 2017, Andrew graduated from a 2.5-year Community Dharma Leadership training through Spirit Rock Meditation Center, where he received authorization to teach the Dharma.

Andrew has been a guest lecturer at Vanderbilt University, University of Tennessee, Belmont University and Meharry Medical College, speaking to students, faculty, as well as mental health staff. Currently, Andrew offers mindfulness-based therapeutic groups and workshops at several mental health and addictions treatment centers in the greater Nashville area, specializing in adolescent and youth treatment. Andrew has also presented at the Nashville Psychotherapy Institute, discussing therapeutic interventions for Millennials--approaches to working with young adult populations.

Andrew has spent the past several years developing intensive trainings and workshops related to the intersection of Western & Buddhist psychology for dedicated practitioners, as well as professionals in the fields of education and mental health. He also offers one-on-one mentorship to persons seeking guidance and support as they begin, deepen, and sustain a mindfulness practice.